Journal of Nano- and Electronic Physics

ISSN: 2077-6772 (Print)

ISSN: 2306-4277 (Online)

“Journal of Nano- and Electronic Physics” (JNEP) is a peer-reviewed academic journal that publishes scientific articles containing original results of experimental or theoretical studies in the field of condensed matter physics, physical electronics, as well as studies aimed at developing mathematical methods for describing processes and phenomena in these fields.

Proceedings of the International Conference on Nanomaterials: Applications and Properties

ISBN: 978-1-5386-2810-2

The Proceedings of the International Conference on “Nanomaterials: Applications and Properties” publishes materials of the International Conference “Nanomaterials: Applications and Properties” dedicated to new urgent problems of modern materials science such as technologies for the production and research of nanomaterials, the properties of nanoparticles and nanosystems, the use of nano-objects and nanostructures in the Hi-Tech industry, biology, medicine, chemistry, etc.

Marketing and Management Innovation

ISSN: 2218-4511 (Print)

ISSN: 2227-6718 (Online)

The Journal Marketing and Management of Innovations” was founded by the Department of Marketing and Management of Innovative Activity of Sumy State University in February 2010.

The Journal “Marketing and Management of Innovations” is a peer-reviewed open access scientific journal. It covers the important issues of marketing of innovations and innovative management. The theoretical, methodological and practical aspects of innovative reforms in the economy are considered.

Journal of Engineering Sciences

ISSN: 2312-2498 (Print)

ISSN: 2414-9381 (Online)

The “Journal of Engineering Sciences” is an open access peer-reviewed scientific journal that covers urgent issues of up-to-date high-tech production, development of new engineering trends and future technologies. The journal is published by Sumy State University. It was founded in 2014. The journal is intended for a wide range of researchers, practitioners, and others interested in manufacturing, mechanical and chemical engineering.

Business Ethics and Leadership (BEL)

ISSN: 2520-6761 (Print)

ISSN: 2520-6311 (Online)

Scientific Peer-Reviewed Journal – Business Ethics and Leadership ‑ promotes economic knowledge, international dissemination of theoretical and empirical research, as well as the best global practices regarding ethical standards and leadership in business, trade, management, marketing, public communications, finance, public administration and international economic relations.

The journal publishes the results of fundamental and applied research, conceptual and empirical articles, analytical thematic studies and critical reviews.

SocioEconomic Challenges

(SEC) ISSN: 2520-6621 (Print)

ISSN: 2520-6214 (Online)

The Journal of SocioEconomic Challenges promotes the development of scientific cooperation and international dissemination of theoretical and empirical research as well as the best practices in the world to ensure the stability of social and economic processes in the context of globalization, democratization, greening, digitalization of social relations.

Open access to the journal articles allows readers to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of the articles and to use them for any other lawful purpose with due acknowledgement (with mandatory citation of the electronic copy on the journal official website).

Financial Markets, Institutions and Risks (FMIR)

ISSN: 2521-1250 (Print)

ISSN: 2521-1242 (Online)

Scientific Peer-Reviewed Journal – Financial Markets, Institutions and Risks (FMIR) was founded by Sumy State University and registered by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine (Certificate No. KB 22528-12428P from November 24, 2016).

The Journal promotes the development of scientific cooperation and international dissemination of theoretical and empirical research, as well as the best global democratic practices regarding ethical standards and leadership in business, trade, management, public administration and education. It publishes the results of fundamental and applied research, conceptual and empirical articles, analytical thematic studies and critical reviews.


ISSN: 2415-8496 (Print)

“OBRAZ” is a scientific professional journal of Social Communications. The articles of the journal cover issues within all areas of social communication: history, theory, methodology of journalism, publishing, advertising and public relations, social communications, and library affairs.

The publication “OBRAZ” is designed for teachers, scholars, students, doctoral students, graduate students, workers in the fields of information and social-communication activities, practicing journalists, publishers, and advertisers.

Sumsʹka starovinа (Ancient Sumy Land)

ISSN: 2311-5408 (Print)

The scientific journal “Sumsʹka starovinа” (Sum. Star.) was founded by Sumy State University and Chernihiv National Pedagogical University named after T. H. Shevchenko.

The articles of the journal deal with issues concerning archeology, regional ethnography, and history of Ukraine. The journal introduces the following headings: “Archaeology”, “Military History”, “World History”, “Ancient History”, “Source Studies”, “From the History of Charity “, “From the History of Church Life”, “From the Economic History”, “History of Culture”, “Regional studies”, “Printing Pioneer”, “Personalities”, “Chronicle”, “Reviews and New editions”, “Photo Gallery” and others.

The articles are published in Ukrainian, Russian, English and other European languages. The journal is issued twice per year.

Sumy Historical and Archival Journal

ISSN: 2227-183Х (Print)

ISSN: 2413-8762 (Online)

Scientific journal of history and archival science –“Sumy Historical Archival Journal” was founded in 2005 by the Institute of History of Ukraine, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Sumy State University, Sumy State A. S. Makarenko Pedagogical University, and National Union of Local History Experts.

The journal is intended for historian scientists, who study outstanding questions of Ukrainian and World history, archival and historical source sciences and publishes articles on archival, local history, history, culture, and archeography issues.

The articles are published in English, Ukrainian, and Russian.

Fìlologìčnì traktati 

ISSN: 2077-804X (Print)

ISSN: 2410-373X (Online)

The journal “Filologichni Traktaty” (Fìlologìčnì traktati, Fìlol. Traktati)  publishes articles that contain new visions within literature and language sciences, written in one of 6 languages (Ukrainian, Russian, English, Polish, French, and German). It is a peer-reviewed journal publishing original articles that deal with different fields of modern literature and language sciences.

The scope of the journal is to serve as a broad platform for exchanging ideas and experience, establish cooperation among researchers working on problems of modern literature and language sciences from the different regions of Ukraine as well as the world. This is an open access journal according to the Budapest Open Access Initiative. Besides, the editorial board follows the policy and principles accepted by the Committee on Publication Ethics.

Eastern Ukrainian Medical Journal

ISSN: 2663-5909 (Print)

ISSN: 2664-4231 (Online)

“Eastern Ukrainian Medical Journal” (EUMJ) is a professional international open access journal for physicians and scientists working in the domains of medicine, biomedicine and related research. This journal is intended for interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and information and reveals the possibility of bringing together different categories of readers such as practitioners, researchers, university teachers, students and professionals from other related fields in Ukraine and all over the world. The aim of the journal is to publish peer-reviewed original, relevant and significant studies and achievements in medicine and biomedicine and to spread them to the public.

Legal Horizons

ISSN: 2519-2353 

The journal “Legal Horizons”( Pravovì goriz.) creates space for interesting ideas and information, education and training, exchange of knowledge and experience between scientists and practitioners, teachers and students.

The journal provides all theorists and practitioners of law with the opportunity to share their findings, theories and views on the development of various branches of law in the context of globalization and the development of the information society.

The journal aims to cover topical issues of the theory of state and law, civil, criminal, commercial, administrative, constitutional law and processes, etc. It creates a scientific platform that will be of interest to domestic and foreign scholars, practitioners and entrepreneurs.

Scientific community is changing every day, and the journal Legal Horizons is ready to change together with science and law, expanding its horizons and audience.

Scientific Journal Vìsnik Sumsʹkogo deržavnogo unìversitetu (Bulletin of Sumy State University. Economy Series)

ISSN: 1817-9290

The journal “Vìsnik Sumsʹkogo deržavnogo unìversitetu” (Visnik SumDU. Economics) publishes scientific articles on economic problems of enterprises of different industries, economic policy of rational management.

Mechanism of Economic Regulation

ISSN: 1726-8699

The International Scientific Journal “Mechanism of Economic Regulation” (ISJ ‘MER’) was founded in 1999 by Sumy State University (SSU), Economic Research Centre (ERC), Sumy Regional Branch of Business and Management Academy of Ukraine (SRB BMAU), Publishing Company “University Book”.

Today the journal is one of the leading specialized issues in the field of economics not only in the Sumy region but also in Ukraine. 

It reveals current issues on such basic directions as general economic problems of economic systems functioning; problems of enterprise activity in a market and transition economy; ecological problems of development and environmental economics; problems and prospects of sustainable development achievement; post-industrial society and problems of information society forming.

Worldview – Philosophy – Religion

ISSN: 2305-7459 (Print)

ISSN: 2523-4862 (Online)

Peer-reviewed scholarly journal “Worldview – Philosophy – Religion” (WPR) is published by Sumy State University in Ukraine.

The purpose of the publication is the dissemination of philosophical ideas aimed at further systematic formation of a holistic worldview of a modern person, an analysis of the urgent problems of our time through the prism of philosophical, religious and cultural knowledge, in order to find the best solutions.